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This is my blog where I showcase my handmade resin jewelry pieces and offer information and tips on great ways to work with resin. Please feel free to email me if you have questions!

Why Resin Chica? My absolute favorite material to work with is Resin because it is beautifully transparent, gets fussy when not taken good care of, particular, can be molded and changed to adapt, and will stubbornly stay put until it gets it's way. Only certain people can work well with Resin. I am Resin Chica. (Yes I am also Free2bMommy) Resin Chica is my Sasha Fierce!

Thursday, December 31, 2009


Please be safe while you are out cruising the night life...remember...there will be families out there on the road as well as other people just like you who decided to find a designated driver...please do the same.

Resin Chica is climbing off my soapbox now!

Much love in 2010- Resin Chica

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resin goes glam!

Just wanted to share some of my own designs! These were made with real candy sprinkles and resin! If you dont know anything about resin, it is a long process that has awesome rewards! I gave all of these away for Christmas!





Wednesday, December 30, 2009

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these are a few of my favorite things...

Check out one of my absolute fab fav blogs and website. You can get tons of supplies here as well as view cool tutorials and Cindy is SUPER awesome and helpful! Check her out and show her some blog love!

whats your poison??!!

My resin of choice is the easiest one to use and I lub it! I use the Easy Cast Clear Casting Epoxy. I personally do not even think that it has a bad smell and It is super easy to work with. I strongly suggest you buy a small 8oz and see how you work with it first. My first bottle was a total waste! I used waaay to much and ended up throwing away mixed resin that I was not prepared to cast with! Bummer! It's okay and it takes practice. So you must be prepared to try a couple of batches for experimentation purpose and if they end up coming out good, then great! You can find the epoxy at your local crafy store.

Please make sure to read the directions, and you really want to follow the timing suggested as well. This substance is great to work with, but you need to follow the instructions to get it right. Check it out!

what you can do with resin...

I make resin jewelry and art that can take moments in time and objects and preserve them to wear as a personal statement. Some of my favorite pics and examples of what you can do with Resin you can see here. Resin is a tricky substance that when used correctly can yield truly amazing results!

(these pieces are done by some of my favorite fellow resin makers on You can find more of their awesome pieces by searching for their names on etsy!

These artist are awesome and among a growing few of us that are stepping outside of the box with playful jewelry. Enjoy!