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This is my blog where I showcase my handmade resin jewelry pieces and offer information and tips on great ways to work with resin. Please feel free to email me if you have questions!

Why Resin Chica? My absolute favorite material to work with is Resin because it is beautifully transparent, gets fussy when not taken good care of, particular, can be molded and changed to adapt, and will stubbornly stay put until it gets it's way. Only certain people can work well with Resin. I am Resin Chica. (Yes I am also Free2bMommy) Resin Chica is my Sasha Fierce!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Makes you want to lick your fingers...but don't!!

Pretty and shiney! I love the colors in this picture! I incorporated all of my favorites with this set of rings (they are attached to adjustable rings). This was a three stage curing process...yes lots of patience is necessary! Click on the pic if your are interested in having one on your finger! Please don't eat it! No matter how yummy they look!

--Resin Chica

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